Guide service

During the tour the guide will introduce the history of the church and congregation, talk about its most important events, the services offered by the church, etc.

To arrange a tour call +372 5837 4941 or send an e-mail:

If you don’t have time to arrange a tour, there is always someone in the building available to guide the tour.

Visiting the tower

The tower of St. Paul’s Church of Tartu reaches 102.9m (337.6 ft.) above sea level; the viewing platform is 87.02 m (287.5 ft.) above sea level. The height of the viewing platform is roughly 30 meters (98.4 ft.) from the ground.

The tower is open for visiting during the church’s open hours from 10am to 17pm.

In the tower, you can see the bells of St. Paul’s Church "Hüüdja hääl” (“The voice of one crying") and "Kiitja keel” (“The tongue of one praising”).

Ticket prices:  standard ticket 2 Euros, discount ticket, students, university students, pensioners 1 euro

Pre-order catering

Church kitchen provides pre-ordered catering service.  

Kitchen phone: 7442114

Private organ concert

When visiting St. Paul’s Church, in addition to a tour and a tower visit, it is possible to order a 30 minute organ concert. The private concert will be given by the organist either on the biggest 56-register organ in Southern Estonia or on the electronic organ. 

Video and sound recording service

St. Paul’s Church has high-level video and sound recording equipment, which allows us to provide high-quality service. It is also possible to record choir music or concerts.

 It is also possible to arrange live video broadcasts and record various events held at the church – concerts, weddings, baptisms, etc.

Price upon agreement!

To order our services please contact by calling +372 5837 4941 or send an e-mail to